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"I honestly need to go on a vacation, badly, but I don’t have one planned. I have a lot of other work planned this summer."

— Chris Colfer [Any plans for your hiatus from Glee for the summer — vacation or more work?]

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"It’s still in the works. I have a good three meetings about that project a month. It’s very difficult for me to write and produce something while I’m filming Glee. I might have to wait until Glee is over to do that. I did Struck by Lightning while I was filming Glee and it was very, very difficult. It was like having two full-time jobs at once. I think I’ll have to wait until after Glee is over to give that project the attention it deserves."

— Chris Colfer [There was a movie based in an asylum you’ve talked about before. Is that still in the works?]

"Brian is very upset. He had some words with me about it. I think we’ll be able to mend it and be fine. I initially wanted it to be about cats and dogs, but the title Broadway Bitches was too good not to use. So Brian was denied his cameo."

— Chris Colfer [How does your cat, Brian, feel about your having written an episode all about dogs?]

"I didn’t have any say, but I was so excited that Brad was directing it. He is one of my favorite directors we work with on Glee. I was so excited he got chosen. That was one of the reasons I was able to walk away from set when I didn’t have to be there because I knew it was in very good hands."

— Chris Colfer [Did you have any say in veteran Glee director Bradley Buecker working on on your episode?]

"I wanted Kurt to have a story that was his own. That wasn’t about his relationship with Blaine, or supporting someone else like Rachel. I really wanted him to have his own moment."

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"June Squibb’s character, she’s a feisty old lady. Feisty old ladies are my favorite human beings on the planet. Also, I think Artie and Santana were really fun to write for."

— Chris Colfer [Did you have a favorite character to write for?]

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"This is Glee. My optimism is cautious. But if Rachel and Santana’s contrived feud was what it took to get us Kurt and Mercedes’s rendition of “I Am Changing,” they can have as many feuds as they want. I’m not sure whether those two have ever had a proper, just-the-two-of-us duet aside from “4 Minutes” way back in season one, but their blend is effortless, and the maturity they’ve gained as performers in the past five years is delightfully evident."

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"I got a great phone call this morning that we’re moving forward soon. It wasn’t like Struck by Lightning, where I thought, If I’m to play someone in high school, we have to get this done now. This one, I thought we had more time, but we’re going to start sooner than I thought. I wonder if I should tell you who the director is or what the title is, or if I should announce that later. I can tell you that the title is a Carl Jung quote, a popular quote of his that addresses the underlying story."

— Chris Colfer [about his upcoming film set in an asylum] (via heathermione)

Chris Colfer on Struck by Lightning, Harry Potter, and Casting Rebel Wilson

Chris Colfer doesn’t want to be, as he puts it, “the kid from Glee" forever — nor can he so long as Kurt is off at NYADA and not part of the main action on the show (which is back January 24 on Fox). So he’s been focusing on his writing career, which includes writing books, TV pilots, and movies. He also stars in his first turn as a screenwriter, the indie film Struck by Lightning, which features the delightful Rebel Wilson as his sidekick at a blackmail-fueled literary journal. Colfer called up Vulture to chat about his co-star, his fear of public singing, and how he used to dress up as a boy wizard.

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