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"This is Glee. My optimism is cautious. But if Rachel and Santana’s contrived feud was what it took to get us Kurt and Mercedes’s rendition of “I Am Changing,” they can have as many feuds as they want. I’m not sure whether those two have ever had a proper, just-the-two-of-us duet aside from “4 Minutes” way back in season one, but their blend is effortless, and the maturity they’ve gained as performers in the past five years is delightfully evident."

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"I got a great phone call this morning that we’re moving forward soon. It wasn’t like Struck by Lightning, where I thought, If I’m to play someone in high school, we have to get this done now. This one, I thought we had more time, but we’re going to start sooner than I thought. I wonder if I should tell you who the director is or what the title is, or if I should announce that later. I can tell you that the title is a Carl Jung quote, a popular quote of his that addresses the underlying story."

— Chris Colfer [about his upcoming film set in an asylum] (via heathermione)

Chris Colfer on Struck by Lightning, Harry Potter, and Casting Rebel Wilson

Chris Colfer doesn’t want to be, as he puts it, “the kid from Glee" forever — nor can he so long as Kurt is off at NYADA and not part of the main action on the show (which is back January 24 on Fox). So he’s been focusing on his writing career, which includes writing books, TV pilots, and movies. He also stars in his first turn as a screenwriter, the indie film Struck by Lightning, which features the delightful Rebel Wilson as his sidekick at a blackmail-fueled literary journal. Colfer called up Vulture to chat about his co-star, his fear of public singing, and how he used to dress up as a boy wizard.

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Vulture Visits Glee Set, Finds Show Not-So-Secretly Morphing Into the Fabled Rachel and Kurt Spin-off


On Vulture’s visit to Paramount’s Glee soundstage last week, all signssuggested that the upcoming fourth season is shaping itself into the spin-off that never was, with new NYC sets erected to accommodate the split-off storylines of McKinley grads Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele), which will now make up at least half of the show. On a brief tour of all things East Coast, we saw the spacious loft with exposed-brick walls where — spoiler alert! — soon-to-be-roomies Rachel and Kurt will live. When the season begins, Rachel will already be struggling in a sea of superstars at the fictional New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (for which there is a fancy dance-studio set), and Kurt, bored and aimless in Ohio, will wind up in New York as an intern at They’ll decide to bunk together somewhere in Brooklyn (probably Bushwick given Gleeboss Ryan Murphy’s Girls fixation) and Rachel will trade in her schoolgirl skirts and knee-highs for something edgier and fashion-forward (thanks to an assist from Kurt’s Vogue mentor Isabelle Klempt, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.)

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Vulture: Speaking of dark comedies, the next movie you’ve got coming out is Struck by Lightning, which stars and was written by Glee’s Chris Colfer. Did he give you any advice about getting a film made?
Ashley Rickards: Not yet, but we talk. As an artist, he really takes control. I was texting him the other day to say, “Hey, what’s happening?” and he texts back this list and it’s everything I want to do. He’s on tour to promote his first novel; I have a book of poetry I want to publish. He got his first script made; I’d like to get my script made. He’s running all over the world; I wanna run all over the world. He’s just brilliant. I told him, “I’m not going to talk to you anymore because you’re everything I want to be and it’s annoying.”
Chris Colfer on Struck By Lightning, His Future on Glee, and Wanting the Rights to Candy Land


Chris Colfer is known as an actor — he won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Kurt on Glee — but this Tribeca Film Festival, he’s making his debut as a writer as well. His first film, Struck by Lightning, premiered over the weekend with eager Harry Potter star Emma Watson in the audience (she even asked a question during the Q&A!), and he’s got a second film already in the works, in addition to a children’s book, a Disney Channel pilot, and probably ten other projects by now. So it’s only fitting that his character in Struck is an overachieving high school student who wants to take his writing to the next level — even if he has to commit blackmail to do it. Colfer chatted with Vulture about his own literary high school experiences, his future on Glee, and why he’ll be auditioning for an Adam Sandler movie soon.

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Chris Colfer’s post-McKinley High career seems even brighter than his Glee character Kurt’s: He wrote and starred in one movie that’s already in the can, he’s got another set to shoot in a few months, and he’s also written a Disney channel pilot and a children’s book. You’ll get a look at the first of his many labors today, as E!’s got an early trailer for his movie Struck By Lightning, where Colfer wrote himself a role as an overachiever who blackmails his classmates into contributing to his literary journal. The movie doesn’t have a distributor or release date yet (and hopefully, when a studio does come aboard, they can put out a color-corrected trailer with some snappier edits and better fonts), but it’s stuffed full of all those people you like, including Rebel Wilson, Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks, Sarah Hyland, and Ashley Rickards.

"I think this is just the way it’s going to be. I’ve definitely made jokes over the years about how my voice has never changed, countless one-liners. But to be honest, I think I might have done it to myself. Right when my voice started changing, I would purposely start singing really high songs every day, constantly. Actually, the Wicked soundtrack is what I would sing along to the most. All of my favorite songs are pretty high and usually sung by women, it turns out. I’d really like to do some opera songs on the show. I’m not really into opera, but I think I could do it if I needed to."

Chris Colfer (via bethandbee)