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The praise for TLOS in the cover of the paperback version


The praise for TLOS in the cover of the paperback version

"Colfer was especially good at silently conveying Kurt’s mixed emotions at seeing Blaine again, and the conflicted feelings Kurt still has about their relationship."

— Geoff Berkshire from Hit Fix  4x10 recap (via colorztrauma)

"Meantime, Tribeca Films is getting ready to release ‘Struck by Lightning’ next month. The comedy, directed by Brian Dannelly and written by young Chris Colfer from ‘Glee,’ is a must-see this fall. It’s very much the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ of this season."

— Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411 (x)

Chris Colfer Managed To Not Play Kurt Hummel In His Film Debut Struck By Lightning
Struck By Lightning
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING - Tribeca Film Festival Review
Tribeca Review – Struck by Lightning (Starring Chris Colfer)
Tribeca Premiere - Struck by Lightning


Chris Colfer (Glee) makes his screenwriting debut with Struck by Lightning, a satirical comedy about surviving high school. The film is directed by Brian Dannelly (Saved) and Colfer stars opposite a talented cast including Allison Janney (The Help), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Dermot Mulroney (J. Edgar), and Sarah Highland (Modern Family). PPLA attended the world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

This coming of age comedy literally opens with a bang when seventeen year old Carson Phillips (Colfer) is struck by a bolt of lightning. The incident is the spark to a wickidly funny story about a young man who devises a blackmailing scheme to improve his chances of getting accepted into a top college…but what he accomplishes is much more profound.

At the age of sixteen, Chris Colfer was a high school student- and not just playing one on the hit tv series Glee. He wanted to write a screenplay and began developing characters for his story. In his junior year, he turned the idea into an Original Prose and Poetry (OPP) for a Speech and Debate event where he played every character in the ten-minute. piece.

Now five years later, Colfer’s speech and debate coach, Mikendra McCoy was asked to be involved with this project. Colfer credit’s McCoy with getting him through high school. “I made her come out and play the Science teacher in the film because she was my savior,” said Colfer. “She had to be a part of it, beause she was there when it all started with my old Speech and Debate OPP.”

Colfer developed a full script and created the characters to represent many of the same people everyone comes across throughout their high school years. “This is not autobiographical at all though,” says Colfer, “I think the only similarity is that I was President of a writer’s club in high school and dealt with a lot of the crap that Carson deals with in this movie. Carson always spoke his mind and spoke against his peers. He never let anyone walk all over him. I was the exact opposite.”

This refreshingly authentic comedy is sure to keep you laughing. The chemistry among the cast was excellent, and I predict several awards for Allison Janney’s witty but troubled performance as Carson’s (Colfer) mom.

April 22, 2012 - Press Pass LA

'Struck By Lightning' Is An Impressive Start To Chris Colfer's Writing Career
Tribeca Film’s Synopsis for ‘Struck by Lightning’


Even being killed by a bolt of lightning won’t keep budding young journalist Carson Phillips (Glee’s Chris Colfer) quiet. Trapped by his small-minded town, this outspoken high school senior recounts the last few weeks of his life through a series of upbeat flashbacks in this playful and energetic comedy written by Colfer himself. As his death date readily approaches, Carson struggles to keep it together only a short time longer while waiting on an admission letter from his dream college—his ticket out of banality. 

Director Brian Dannelly (Saved!) fuses a vivid high school landscape with the intimate video footage shot by classmate Malerie (Rebel Wilson)—who encyclopedically chronicles the lives of her fellow students—adding to the feel of a genuine high school experience. Razor-sharp performances from Colfer and Allison Janney as his mother are reinforced by a memorable supporting cast, including Christina Hendricks (Drive), Angela Kinsey (The Office), and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) who plays a mean-girl cheerleading captain. Fast-paced and searingly witty, Struck By Lightning proves Colfer is a multifaceted talent and that high school is an endless well for rousing entertainment.

—Genna Terranova

This film is appropriate for teenagers and up.

April 1, 2012 - Tribeca Film