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Chris Colfer Goes From ‘Glee’ Singer To ‘Struck’ Screenwriter (transcript)

Here’s the full transcript for Chris’ NPR radio interview: 

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"It’s crazy. A voice that was never wanted has become a voice for so many people who don’t have one."

Chris Colfer, talking about his distinctive voice (via staceysthings)

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Chris Colfer Goes From ‘Glee’ Singer To ‘Struck’ Screenwriter


Chris Colfer, one of the stars of the hit TV show Glee, is known for his portrayal of Kurt, a confident and openly gay high school student (who also possesses pipes like a diva). In the new filmStruck By Lightning, which Colfer wrote, he plays a very different character: Carson Phillips, an ambitious high school student who starts a literary magazine in order to get into Northwestern. The character is arrogant and not exactly well-liked, so how does he collect submissions? By blackmailing the popular kids, of course.

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NPR bitch-slaps Murphy with logic


The makers of Glee seem to forget that they can choose to make their own show one of them. That senior year for Rachel, Finn and Kurt? It can last one season of television, or two, or eight, if they so desire, so long as the stories are paced accordingly. Their impending departure is only a problem if Glee makes it one.” 

chriscolfernews: Chris Colfer segment on NPR


I decided to put my rusty secretary skills to task and transcribe this segment from NPR as posted by chriscolfernews:

“While I would not describe the episode as subtle, I was surprisingly taken by Kurt’s big number [plays clip from AIWNSG].

I think that, say what you will, it takes a particular kind of testicular fortitude if you are a slight, effeminate gay actor to stand up on a network that people actually watch and sing a song written for a crazy lady silent movie star character. Not only did he do it, he made it work within the context of a storyline about a conflicted kid returning to a high school where he’d been bullied; and not only did he do that, he made it genuinely touching. I like this kid, and I’m gonna give his show another chance.”

This is such a compliment to Chris, not just because of it’s inherent truth, but also because the song choice and the use of it in context was entirely Chris’ idea. As much as he may not want to take the plaudits that go to Kurt for himself, he deserves his own special praise for being the driving force behind Kurt’s iconic image.

Also note that once again - as in my case - Chris is solely responsible for bringing viewers to Glee who otherwise wouldn’t be watching. 

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Thank you for the transcript. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it yet.

I’ve been thinking about that performance a lot this week. What really stands out to me about the AIWNSG performance is that it’s incredibly difficult to show joy as openly as he does in that number. The joy in AIWNSG is not campy joy (which I also enjoy and which we more often see in Glee). It feels much more internal and sensitive. Once again, it’s the way in which Chris seems to have such impressive and direct access to his emotions as an actor that really sells it IMO.

NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour (Chris is a favorite thing!)

Chris was mentioned in a podcast by NPR : Pop Culture Happy Hour (specifically ”In Our Host’s Absence, We Invite ‘Company’” Time: 33 minutes in).  At the end of the podcast, they have a segment about what’s making them happy this week and one of the host said Chris Colfer singing “As If We Never Said Goodbye.” Very nice. :D 


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