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Gratitude and grace echoed throughout the McKinley High auditorium set as “Glee” troupers feted the show’s 100th episode Monday with a champagne toast and cake cutting ceremony.

The gathering on the Paramount lot brought together current and past cast members to celebrate the groundbreaking Fox/20th Century Fox TV series that has become “home” for adolescent outcasts— misunderstood jocks, theater geeks and math nerds—aching for a place to belong.

“I was so excited because it was a show for kids like me,” recalled Chris Colfer, who plays rosey- cheeked Kurt Hummel, of his gut reaction to reading the pilot script. “It was the first time that I had seen something for performance arts kids, for theater kids, and I was so excited for the world to have it.”

The 100th episode airs Tuesday — and marks the show’s return after a long hiatus. Star Lea Michele marveled at the show’s milestone moment.

“I remember reading the script and then reading ‘And then Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ starts to play,’ and I got chills,” said Michele, who plays drama queen Rachel Berry on the six-time Emmy award-winning series. “I still get chills to this day. I knew that this was a gem.”

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Chris Colfer talks FNO and style evolution


You guys were working on [Glee's Fashion's Night Out 'Fashion' music video]?
Oh my God, all I remember is my pants were so tight that day. My legs turned blue… among other things. It was a lot of fun, it was one of those, I don’t think any of us had ever really experienced it before. Like, the director gives you a note like, ‘Okay, I want more tiger, less kitten!’

So, who is the big fashion maven on Glee?
Well, Kurt is, obviously. If there’s something that boy knows about, it’s fashion.

How has your fashion sense changed since being on the show?
You know, I’m no longer afraid to try new things. And by new things, of course, I mean like a scarf, or maybe a pen - nothing too big. But I realised, since millions of people have seen me in those ridiculous, ridiculous outfits, there’s really not much I can do in my personal life to, you know, make up for it. So I think I just have more bravery.



Chris Colfer on The Queen Latifah Show (full interview)

Book Club - Chris Colfer (by magicfm1054)

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Chris Colfer on Sirius XM’s “Just Jenny”

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audio of my moment with chris colfer at his book signing in lake forest - the “i wanted kurt to have a relationship with a teacher” thing. i don’t have any way to cut it down so please ignore me talking to the book store employees at the beginning; the good stuff starts at 0:12.

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Chris Colfer Parade Rewind: His New Book, Life at Glee, and Remembering Cory Monteith 

Glee star Chris Colfer, 23, stopped by to chat with Parade about his latest book, The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns. He shared his favorite book growing up, his most memorable high school jobs, and what life is like behind the scenes at Glee. Colfer also talked about the loss of friend and costar Cory Monteith, who passed away in July after a drug overdose.

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Huffpost Live:

"Glee" star Chris Colfer stops by to talk about his second novel, “The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns," coming out on August 6th and life on the hottest teen dramedy on television.