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Best 26 seconds of my life, wow.

Both of us simultaneously: Hi! / Hi, Chris!
Chris: How are you?
Me: (idk if I responded, derp, but I handed him a card I bought earlier) I made that for you— (*mentally punches self*) Well, I bought it for you.
Chris: Oh, thank you! I can’t wait to read that!
Me: I know you said ‘no gifts,’ but, yeah…
Chris: Well, thank you, I appreciate it. If it’s cash, it’s okay!
Me: (Idk, I mumble something that I can’t remember, but then Chris GIGGLES. HELP SO CUTE)
Chris: Thank you! Are you from Houston?
Me: Um— (had to think about how to explain, knowing he wouldn’t know my hometown.) A few hours away.
Chris: Oh yeah? Did you drive for this?
Me: Yeah!
Chris: Oh my gosh, well thank you! Here you go! *hands me my books*
Me: (*panicking because I only have time to say like, ONE more thing*) And I loved— I loved the photo; the picture of yours and Will’s Halloween costumes.
Chris: Oh, well, thank you, thank you, (and something else I can’t make out. It sounds something like “we’re sharing those” but idk? Argh, that security guard yELLS SO LOUDLY.) It was good to see you.
Me: It was an honor to meet you. (This is where I shove my hand out like a robot because I’d worked so hard not to forget to shake his hand that it sort of automatically flew out in front of me, omg. CUE THE HANDSHAKE WITH CHRIS COLFER.)
Chris: You too, you too! Thank you!

and then I died.


Back from what has been one the absolute most amazing days of my life. Though the book signing went very quickly it was so, so amazing. I somehow gathered my wits enough to actually say the gist of what I wanted to say to him, and I am very pleased about this. 

He smiled at me and asked me how I was and I told him that I was WONDERFUL. Then after he signed my book I said something along the lines of the following: “Can I just say thank you so much for putting your work out there? As a writer, you are just SUCH an inspiration to me, like, sometimes I’ll just tell myself ‘okay Chris Colfer wrote like three books this year, you can write this one thing’.” 

And he laughed (god, I could cry thinking about the fact that I made him fucking laugh.) and said “well, I went a little crazy.” And then said “Thanks so much, honey!” HONEY. 

What a lovely, beautiful, kind man I met today. I could not have asked for a better experience. I need to go lie down.


I met him I am shaking omg??

I shook his hand and then he saw my UK shirt and was like “I love your shirt!!” And I was like “thank you! I’m actually moving to England in 9 days!” And he was taking a sip of his diet coke when I said that and he literally choked on it and spilled it on himself a little

And then he was like “omg where are you going?”

And I said “I’m going to Oxford!! Which is like my Northwestern, so thank you so much for Struck By Lightning, it’s so inspiring”

And then he thanked me and I showed him my SBL phone case and he said it was cool

And then alla asked what I’m studying to be, and I said “an English professor, I hope!!”

And he said “Good luck with that, honey!!” And I am going to cry oh man this was everything I hoped and more

meg_doyle: To my one true love, @hrhchriscolfer, happy happy birthday. I love you in an abnormal fashion.

meg_doyle: To my one true love, @hrhchriscolfer, happy happy birthday. I love you in an abnormal fashion.


The weirdest thing just happened. So my great uncle’s funeral service just happened, and we were there, and after the service, we were waiting to get our car from the garage across the street. Well, I was waiting outside by myself, while my family was inside. I am wearing a really lovely black dress, and I was crying a bit, and I notice that at the restaurant next store, there were police men and bodyguards and papparazzi, ( one pap took a picture of me crying - it was awkward) and these people start walking with bodyguards, and I think to myself, wow, that girl looks an awful lot like Tina from Glee, and then wow! That boy totally looks like Artie and then holy shit the glee cast is walking out. And then, the beautiful, wonderful Chris Colfer walks up, hugs me, and without any knowledge of why I’m standing there in a fancy black dress, crying, says, “you’re gonna be alright.” and then, he paused and added, “and you look super cute in that dress!” walked away and vanished. What just happened.