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"In addition to [Golden Globe] winner and New York Times bestselling author, [Chris] Colfer can add “very competent Glee writer” to his freakish list of accomplishments by the age of 23."

— Entertainment Weekly [5x19 Recap]

"Unless they plan a complete U-turn, I think he’ll definitely end up with Blaine, but I think a lot about Kurt, ever since we were introduced to him, is him trying to find happiness and validation from an outside source. Oh, if I have a boyfriend, it’ll validate me. If I have a best friend, it’ll validate me. If I have a leading role in a show, it’ll validate me. But I would really like, before the series ends, for him to find the validation within himself and for him to realize that happiness is going to come from him, not from someone else. That would be a happy ending for me."

— Chris Colfer [on what he envisions for Kurt Hummel’s future]

"I love performing and I love acting and I think I really got into acting for the right reasons, because I liked the physical craft of it and I liked becoming someone else. Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out to really be an actor these days because there’s that whole element of being known that I don’t know if I’m really good at. Whereas if I’m a writer, I can do it all from my bedroom in my pajamas except for the occasional book tour. But I love them both the same. I think it’s just more the side effects which each job brings."

—  Chris Colfer EW (via actingjunkie)

Glee star Chris Colfer has already written a feature film, a children’s book series, and a Disney Channel pilot, so it seemed only natural that the budding scribe would be tapped by the forces that Glee to write an episode for the musical series.

“Old Dogs, New Tricks,” the penultimate episode in Glee‘s fifth season, marks Colfer’s first time stepping into the writers’ room, which posed its own set of challenges and intimidating factors for the young star. In anticipation of the episode (airing tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox), Colfer spoke with EW about the episode, his writing future, and where he’d like Kurt to end up when Glee ends its run next year.

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Chris Colfer may be best known for playing Kurt since the beginning of Glee, but now the Golden Globe winner is getting the opportunity to see his character from a completely different side.

Colfer is currently writing an upcoming episode of Glee that will air later this season. Though it’s the first time Colfer will write for the hit Fox show, fans know that he is already an accomplished writer with the movie Struck By Lightning and the New York Times best-selling children’s novel series The Land of Stories. Now, after five seasons in front of the camera, Colfer is realizing how much his work will affect everyone behind the scenes.

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"We were always the little show that could… When the first episode aired, everyone said, ‘Oh, it’s cute, but it’ll never last,’ ’cause a musical could never work on television, so it’s really validating to be here."

— Chris Colfer ['Glee' 100th episode party]

"Jennifer Holiday, ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’: I think it’s the only crassy female Broadway ballad I didn’t get to do on this show."

— Chris Colfer ['Glee' 100th episode party, On the Scene: Stars look back on 100 episodes, reveal whose song they would steal]  (“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” was sung by Mercedes and by Jane Addams Academy in season 1.)


'Glee' recreates iconic Beatles album covers

Glee is heading to Abbey Road!

After hours devoted to Fleetwood Mac, Madonna and even Michael Jackson, the McKinley High crew is kicking off their fifth season by taking on the Fab Four in a special two-part tribute episode, and EW has exclusive images of the gang re-creating some of the Beatles’ most memorable album covers. Above, check out Blaine, Sam, Artie and Tina re-creating the iconic Abbey Road shoot — Sam’s even shoeless, just like Paul McCartney!

The two hours will include songs from all different eras of The Beatles, including covers of “Yesterday,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” All You Need Is Love,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and 10 others.

Check out Santana, Kurt, Will and Marley recreating the band’s Let It Be cover…or, as the show’s announcing it, Let It Glee.

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss in Glee's Beatles-themed season premiere.

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss in Glee's Beatles-themed season premiere.

The Land of Stories advertisement in Entertainment Weekly magazine’s August 30, 2013 Issue