Chris on Don’t Stop Believing and the Glee Tour..

So, as you know (we may have mentioned this a few times), we were at Hard Rock Calling last night – and spent the evening in a room with the amazingGlee cast (and Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and Chace Crawford – nothing too exciting). Among the Glee cast, we spotted the lovely Chris Colfer (Kurt), Matthew Morrison (Mr Schu’), Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Darren Criss (Blaine) having a few cocktails and food from the free bar menu (featuring an amazingly gigantic plate of nachos, yum).

So while we were hanging out next to them, we decided to grab Chris for a quick chat – and of course, he so very politely chatted away, telling us he was so glad we made the opening night of their live show on Wednesday in Manchester and that he can’t believe how exciting London is. Obviously wehad to ask him about Glee – and how much he was looking forward to filming for the third season. He told us, “I can’t wait, but we’re here for two weeks and we’re enjoying it so much. We’re having so much fun.”

When we asked him if he at any point gets a bit fed up of listening to Don’t Stop Believin’ (the show’s most famous cover), he told us with a grin, “Oh yes, I really do – I get fed up listening to it. But I love singing it, it’s not the same as listening to it. I love singing it for the show – and we sing it a lot.”

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    This just really pissed me off. My mother and step-father went to Hard Rock Calling… And they have VIP tickets for all...
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    I wish I could have a few cocktails with the Glee cast and members of the royal family while chatting with Chris in the...
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    but we’re here for two weeks but we’re here for two weeks but we’re here for two weeks guess what’s in less than two...
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