Glee Exclusive: Chris Colfer Gifts Us With Scoop on Klaine’s Christmas Reunion

“Klaine” fans will have a special something waiting for them under the tree when Glee unwraps its Christmas episode, “Glee, Actually,” on Dec. 13. 2012 in Holiday Style!

Glee bossman Ryan Murphy started the Twitterverse buzzing by promising a holiday duet for the estranged Kurt and Blaine. Chris Colfer added fuel to fans’ fire this week by tweeting a photo of him and castmate Darren Criss (at right) laced up for skating at the Bryant Park rink in midtown Manhattan.

So, what exactly is going on? “We were skating to ‘(I’m Dreaming of a) White Christmas’ — because I don’t know about you, but I definitely skate with my exes and sing Christmas carols all the time!” Colfer told TVLine when we visited a book-signing for Struck By Lightning, an adaptation of his screenplay for the same-named indie film hitting iTunes and VOD Dec. 19 (and theaters on Jan. 11).

Colfer also teased that during this intrinsically romantic reunion, Kurt and Blaine arrive at a certain “realization” that will set the course for whatever lies ahead for the onetime couple. Lastly, does Blaine surprise Kurt with this latest visit to the Big Apple? “There’s a reason he’s there…,” Colfer allowed, “but it’s kind of a secret.” 


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