Klaine Spoiler News Roundup

NY Mag:

Glee's Kurt and Blaine have spent the last five episodes as platonic gay friends, an eternity of a time period that would typically see any random Glee character cycle through at least three potential love interests, sometimes during a single hour. Still, there is hope:TV Guide reports that Kurt and Blaine will take things to the next level during the Valentine’s Day episode, and Chris Colfer confirms that “there might be a development.” The much-anticipated same-sex wooing will happen outside a Gap store for some reason and will be set to “When I Get You Alone,” from Robin Thicke’s long-haired bike-messenger phase

Huffington Post: Chris Colfer Dishes on Glee Love Storyline

BuddyTV: What to do while waiting for Glee to return, Part 3:

1. Listen to Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone” and prepare for your Blaine-Kurt fan fic to finally become a (fictional) reality in the Glee Valentine’s Day episode. Reports TV Guide: “The two will be crooning Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone” outside a Gap store as Blaine prepares to profess his love.” If they mean his love for affordable jeans, I will be very upset. Chris Colfer is still doing his part to vaguely fan the romance fire: “There might be a development,” hints Chris.” There MIGHT be aDEVELOPMENT! Not a promise, but we’ll take it. The lyrics certainly support that romance will be in the air at the Gap that day.

Towleroad: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss: A Valentine’s Kiss

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